William Clark vs. Jeremiah Connor
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District of Saint LouisDistrict of Saint Louis is:


William ClarkWilliam Clark , who sues for the
separate use therefore, of William Jhonson Jhonson -> Marvison Poke MenardMenard , AndrewAndrew Henry
HenryAndrew Henry , Manuel LisaManuel Lisa - Poke Choahau, william Clark, August P. Choahau Louis, who with with -> miss Benjamin Walker
for deceased lovely compond the SaintSt Louis LouisSt LouisMissouri FurMissouri Fur Company
company complains of Jaemia Conna in a plea that
he know to him for the me of the Jai's SaintSt Louis LouisSt LouisMissouri Fur CompanyMissouri Fur Company the sum of Eighty dollars Eighty two
cents. money of the United StatesUnited States which to him
he owes from him aclaims for that
the said at the town and district of SaintSt Louis
LouisSt Louis on the thirty first day of July, on the year one thousand eight hundred nine by his certain invite
obligating of that date, with his and to
the Court now th and to the pl aintiff then and
there achieved, promised him by the name of WilliamWilliam
Cla rks agent for the Missouri Fur CompanyMissouri Fur Company to pay
to him a Sixty days after the date of said
the sum of Eighty dollars eighty two cents for value received

For the said Defendant although often
required hath over refused the same sum of
moving to the plaintiff to pay and the same doth aclaim to the damage of the plaintiff who sues as
wit the sum of one Hundred & fifty dollars
whereupon he sues.

EEdward Hempstead . HempsteadEdward Hempstead P. G.