William Clark vs. Jeremiah Connor
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District of Saint LouisDistrict of Saint Louis

William ClarkWilliam Clark , complains of Jeremiah ConnorJeremiah Connor of a plea that he to him the sum of one thousand
Twelve dollars, & ninety seven & one half cents, lawful money
of the United StatesUnited States, which to him the said Jeremiah ConnorJeremiah Connor
justly owes and from him unjustly detains.- for that
the said Defendant on the thirty first day of July in the year , one thousand eight hundred & nine, at the
Town of district of Saint LouisSt Louis, by his certain writing
obligatory of that sealedwith his seal and
to the plaintiff then & there delivering ( and now to the
Court promised the plaintiff by the name
and of William ClarkWilliam Clark Indian
agent to pay to him a the sum of Sixty
two dollars ninety seven and one half cents - in six
months after the date of For value received-

and also for that the said defendant at
the Town of DistrictDistrict of Saint Louis of Saint LouisDistrict of Saint Louis, on the thirty five
day of Year, one thousand eight hundred
nine , by his certain other obligatory of that
date, sealed with his seal, and to the plaintiff then
then & there delivered now to the court
promised him by the name of Gen. William ClarkWilliam Clark to pay to him, six months after the date of said note or order the sum of fifty dollars for a