Abraham Parker vs. Manuel Lisa
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Manuel LisaManuel Lisa
Abraham ParkerAbraham Parker

St LouisSt Louis Common Pleas

The Defendant by EastonEaston his attorney pleas nul tiel
record, non devastavit plene administravit and that the estate of the said
George DruillardGeorge Druillard is insolvent, and was insolvent at the time of the
rendition of the judgment in the aforesaid declaration mentioned, and
that Charles Gratiot, David Delaunay & PierrePierre Caborne, auditors appointed
according to law by the orphans court of the county of St LouisSt Louis to settle &
adjust and declare to what creditors the remaining assets in the hands
of said defendant administrator aforesaid of the estate of the said GeorgeGeorge Druillard
DruillardGeorge Druillard belonged and to apportion the same among the several Creditors
of said estate pro-rata did agreeably to public notice for that purpose
given for at least three weeks in the MissouriMissouri Gazette did assemble at
the house of the said John P. CabanneJohn P Cabanne in the Town of St LouisSt Louis on Monday
the Tenth day of January eighteen hundred & fourteen and proceeded to the
business of their appointment as auditors aforesaid and the papers
Documents & Claims against the said estate being presented to them by
the said defendant as administrator the said Auditors did thereupon
adjourned to meet and did meet on the seventeenth day of January one thousand eight hundred & fourteen and thereupon adjourned to meet
and did meet on the twenty fourth day of said January, and continued
from day to day untill the twenty fifth of the said month of January
of the year aforesaid. And thereupon the said Auditors having maturely
considered all and singular the claims & demands against the said
estate and the accounts of the said administrator, did find that the
whole amount of the proceed of the sales of the property of said estate
in the hands of the said administrator to be administrered said amount
to the sum of five hundred & one Dollars, the said Auditors did make
and decree the following apportionment to writ to Merry P Ledue
Judge of Probate three Dollars thirty two & one half cents- to Indians
for hunting horses four Dollars- JosephJoseph Kimbell Nineteen Dollars-
Louis Bauer Two Dollars - Feeding & keeping Horses eight Dollars
Clermont three Dollars - JosephJoseph Kimbell forty Dollars - AlexanderAlexander
Belissine three Dollars - Pascal CerrePascal Cerre one hundred & sixty one Dollars
Alexander Mc. Nair Thirty Three Dollars & eleven Cents - Antoine F.