Abraham Parker vs. Manuel Lisa
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Saugrain Eighteen Dollars & fifty cents - Manuel LisaManuel Lisa Three
hundred seventeen dollars and two and one half cents - And the said
auditors having settled and adjusted the rates and proportions of the remaining
assets aforesaid due & payable to the respective Creditors aforesaid the
said Defendant sayth that he hath no assets in his hands where with he cause
have paid and satisfied the find debt and demand in the declaration
of the said Plaintiff mentioned - And so he sayth that he hath fully
administer all and singular the goods & chattels rights & credits
estate of the said George DruillardGeorge Druillard deceased- to wit on the day in
the year and at the place last mentioned in the declaration of the said
Plaintiff and this the said Defendant is ready to verify &c.-
wherefore &c.

And for further Plea the said defendant sayth that the said
Plaintiff did neglect to exhibit his said account & demand in the declaration
aforesaid specified to him the said Defendant as administrator as aforesaid
within one year after public notice was given by the said defendant in the said
MissouriMissouri Gazette a Public news Paper of this Territory and Continued in such news
Paper for four weeks, Therefore according to the statute in that case made
and provided said Plaintiff is not entitled to demand or receive any dividend
of the aforesaid assets which were remaining in the hands of him the said
defendant as aforesaid and which have been administered in manner
aforesaid by him the said defendant.

R EastonR Easton