Abraham Parker vs. Manuel Lisa
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Abraham ParkerAbraham Parker
Manuel LisaManuel Lisa

Dept on Judgment suggesting Devastavit in
Saint LouisSt Louis Common pleas

On the trial of this cause the plaintiff proved
assets to have been received by the defendant during his administration
to the amount of more than the plaintiffs demand that
the sum of about four hundred dollars, and thereupon the
Defendant by his attornies offered evidence to prove the payments
of divers debts of said DruillardDruillard deceased to his creditors since
the dependants administration to shew how he had adminis
tered said estate: and to show that said Defendant never
had assets enough in his hands to pay all the debts of
the deceased, and insisting that therefore the plaintiff
could recover only his proprotion of the assets with inter
est out of the proper estate of the defendants; to
all which proof of payments by the Defendant the
plaintiffs attorney excepted and prayed the court to
reject the same because it did not appear that the Defend-
ant as administrator of said estate had filed any inventory
a list of sales of said estate and because it did not appear
that the Defendant had caused said estate to be
reported insolvent in a proper manner by having auditors
appointed and the rates settled by them which each creditor
was to receive out of said estate, which exception of the
plaintiffs attorney the court sustained and refused to
admit proof of any payments made by the Defendant
out of said estate to any other creditors than the plaintiff
and gave Judgment for the plaintiff for his whole former
Judgment with interest. In testimony whereof the Defend
ant by his attorney prays the court to sign this
bill of exceptions

Bernd PrattePratte