William Clark vs. James Beatty
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St Louis County
Common Pleas

William ClarkWilliam Clark by WilliamWilliam C. CarrCarr his attorney -
complains of James BeattyJames Beatty in aplea of on the
case for that whereas the said JamesJames the defendant on the
twentieth day of January eighteen hundred & twelve at
the township of Warden lower at the county
aforesaid & whether the jurisdiction of this court made
his certain note in writing whereby he acknowledged there
was due to William ClarkWilliam Clark the plaintiff the sum of seventy
dollars & thirty cents and thereby promised to pay the
same on or before the first day of March then next
in saving the date of said note - by reason whereof
the said defendant became liable to pay the aforesaid
sum of money to the plaintiff apricably to the tenor of &
part of said note - and being so liable
promised in consideration thereof to pay the same wherever the
same should be demanded after the said first day of march eighteen hundred & Twelve - - MeriwetherMeriwether
of the said defendant the often requested hath not
paid the aforesaid sum of money to the plaintiff nor
any part thereof But the same to pay hath liable refused to the damage of the plaintiff
two hundred dollars - therefore he sues.

CarrCarr . Atty pg