William Clark vs. Samuel Hammond
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County of St. LouisCounty of St Louis
Court of Common Pleas

William ClarkWilliam Clark by WilliamWilliam C. CarrCarr his attor-
ney complains of Samuel HammondSamuel Hammond in a plea of on the case for that whereas the said SamuelSamuel Ham-
mond the defend and at the county aforesaid and
when the jurisdiction of this court on the seventh day of november eighteen hundred & elevendrew the follow-
ing draft or order on him in writing .

âDrLiz well you have the goodness to deliver to JamesJames
âF. require thirteen hundred dollars which you
âwere kind enough to offer by your note of yesterday
âupon loan. "Yours respectfully""S. Hammond-"

âWilliamWilliam ClarkeClarke " "7th nov. 1811.â
which said draft was then & there presented to the said
William ClarkWilliam Clark the plaintiffs and the amount thereof
then paid to the said James . F. who
the words &
figures following â Received thirteen hundred dollars
â from general M. Clark agreeably to the of the
âabove draft for Col.. J. Hammond, James F. Hall,
ânov. 7th 1811â By reason whereof the aforesaid samuel
Hammond the defendant became liable to pay
the said plaintiff the aforesaid sum of thirteen hundred
dollars whenever the same should be demanded
& buy so promised to pay the same thereof on demand - and for that whereas also
the said defendant on the same day aforesaid
at the place â within the jurisdiction aforesaid the
said defendant was indebted the plaintiffs
in the further sum of thirteen hundred dollars
for so much money before that time by him to the
said defendant but and advanced at his specialâ
instance request & also for the sum of thirteen hun-
dred dollars for so much money by him the said
defendant before that time had to and

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for the use & benefit of him the said plaintiff and being
so undebted in consideration thereof then & there
faithfully promised to pay the said plaintiff The
aforesaid several sums of money on demand-

Nevertheless the said Samuel HammondSamuel Hammond the
defendant often requested not paid the
aforesaid several sum of money not any part thereof
but the same to pay with refused
to the plaintiff damage fifteen hundred dollars
wherefore he