William Clark vs. Jaduthan Kendall
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To the honorable judges of the court of common pleas in
of for the county of St. LouisSt Louis in the missouri territory

The petition of William ClarkWilliam Clark of the town of
St. LouisSt Louis in the county aforesaid


That a certain Jaduthan KendallJaduthan Kendall in the aforesaid county being to
your petitioner in the sum of one hundred and
thirty eight dollars fifty seven cents, for the purpose
of more effectually securing the payment there of on the
fifth day of november eighteen hundred & eleven signed
sealed & delivered to him the said WilliamWilliam , the plaintiffs
a certain or indenture for a certain or parcel
of land said to contain eight hundred or french
acres of buying in the county of St. LouisSt Louis
aforesaid on the grand south of the river
Merimack, which said half a parcel of land was
confirmed to the said the twenty eighth day of march eighteen hundred & ten by
the board of land Commisioners in & for the said
territory of MissouriMissouri as will appear
had to their minutes of proceedings Book number four
page three hundred & eight. It was also stipulated
and agreed in said deed or indenture that of the said
the defendant should truly pay
to be paid the aforesaid sum of one hundred thirty
- eight dollars fifty seven cents on or before the twenteith day of December then next ensuing the date thereof
as aforesaid mentioned then the said deed to be void
otherwise it was to be & remain in full force - all of
which will more fully & & at large appear had to the aforesaid deed or indenture which
the said WilliamsWilliams brings here with him into court
that it may be considered as part
of this his petition - Your Petitioner begs leave
further to show your honors that no part of the aforesaid
sum of money has yet been paid for securing of which
the said mortgage was given - He therefore prays

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Prays the aforesaid Indenture or Deed of Mortgage
may be fore closed and that your honors would
be pleased to enter up a Deed to that effect of
order the tract a parcel of land as the same is
bounded and described in said deed of Mortgage
to be sold for the payment of your petitioner
debt with interest of costs - & that your honor
would generally grant to your petitioner such
either of further relief as his case may
& your petitioner as will ever

WillWill : C. CarrCarr
atty for petitioner