William Tarlton v. Jacob Horine
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Jacob HorineJacob Horine
adsBillyBilly Farleton,

Tr, ass, battery, false imprisonment,

JacobJacob Horine ,HorineJacob Horine the deft being, duly sworn,
says that he purchased, the plaintiff in KentuckyKentucky,
as a slave, from one certain Squire Brooke living, in JeffersonJefferson county, that he send, by
his deponents brother, to said, Brooke to fur,
nish him, with the necessary proof, of
to said plaintiff time sufficient for him, to
return, to this term but, he has not, yet re, turned that he does not think he can safely,
go to trial, without the evidence, of said Brooke,
the Bill, of sale, which Deponent supposes,
is in his possession such other evidence, as he
can furnish, that deponent, does not think he ought, to permit, this case to go on, to trial without giving, him said Brooke on opportunity, of establishing, his right, to sale said plaintiff, as a slave, that he expects to recieve, an answer, from said Brooke, sufficient, to be ready, for trial, as the
next term,

Jacob HorineJacob Horine ,

Sworn, to in open court, this 27th June 1814

M. P. LeducP Leduc