William Tarlton v. Jacob Horine
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JacobJacob Harens

Trespass assault & Battery damage, 1000.

The aforesaid JacobJacob Horens,
by CarrCarr his attorney, comes & defends, the charge,
of the wrong & injury, when and saith, that he
is not guilty, of this he puts himself upon, the
county, and for further plea in this behalf,
the said JacobJacob says, that the said plaintiff is & always, has been, a slave upon his birth, & the
propeprty, of him, the defendant, and that he
purchased him, of one condition Agasse Brooke,
in the state, of KentuckyKentucky, on the twenty fourth, day
of July eighteen hundred & ten, of the
said Bill the following Bill, of sale to wit, In consideration, of three hundred fifty,
dollars, to me this day granted, bargained, sold set over & delivered, a certain negro man, by the known by the name, of Bill aged twenty,
four or twenty five, years, or, there about, for which I warrant & defend, the bills, of s. negro,
all persons whatsoever, & also warrant him clear, of all impediments as witness my hand & seal, this 24th day of July 1810&â

Squire Brooke,

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