William Tarlton v. Jacob Horine
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MissouriMissouri Territory,
County ofCounty of St Louis St LouisCounty of St Louis,

The United StatesUnited States of AmericaAmerica, to the
Sheriff, of the county of st. Louis

Whereas, a petition from BillyBilly Tarlton, a man of
colour,, has been presented to the court of common pleas, of the
county of Saint LouisSt Louis, praying the said court to admit the
said BillyBilly Tarleton to sue, as a pauper, for his freedom he being
held (as he states) in unlawful servitude, by a certain Jacob HorineJacob Horine ,
affidavit of WilliamWilliam RussellRussell , of Joachim, on file that he has prob-
able reason to believe that the matters contained in the said petition,
are true whereupon the court assigned D Barton Esquire, as cousel
for said BillyBilly Farleton,, to issue, against Jacob HorineJacob Horine , and take
the proper measures in this case, agreeably to the statute, in such
case made, and provided, And the court did order and dirict that
the said Jacob HorineJacob Horine , permit the said BillyBilly Farleton, to have a reason-
able liberty, of attending his counsel and this court whenever occasion
may require it and that the said petitioner, shall not be taken
nor removed out of the jurisdiction, of this, court, nor be subjected to
any severity, because of his application for freedom
we command you that you summon Jacob HorineJacob Horine , if he may
be found within your bailiwick, that he be, and appear before,
the judges of our court of common pleas to he holden at the
town, of SaintSt Louis, LouisSt Louis within and for the said county of st Louis
on the third, monday of february next then &, there to answer unto
WilliamWilliam Farleton,, otherwise called BillyBilly Farleton,, otherwise called
Bill a black man, in a plea, of trespass assault, and, battery, and
false imprisonment, to the Damage of the said WilliamWilliam Farlton,
otherwise called one, thousand Dollors as it is said,
have you then there this writ,

Witness,MaryMary P LeducP Leduc clerk, of our
said court, at the town, of St LouisSt Louis,