George Sips v. William Bolli
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To The Constable of St LouisSt Louistownship in the CountyCounty of St Louis
ofCounty of St Louis St LouisCounty of St Louis greeting whereas george Sids, has obtained judg
ement before me a justice of the peace in the township
aforesaid againt WilliamWilliam Bolli

for a debt of 20 and 145
for his costs these are therefore to command you to
levy the said debt and costs of the goods and chattles of the
said Wm Bolli and to expose the same to sale by
public giving due notice of the same at least ten days previous to the day of sale by at least three ad vertisements put up at the most public places of your
township and returning the overplus if any to the said
Wm Bolli and for want of sufficient distress sufficient distress you are command to take the
body of the said WilliamWilliam Bolli in custody and
convey him to the common jail of the Country the
Sheriff or keeper whereof is hereby required to receive him
and him safely keep until the said debt and costs
be duly paid or the said Wm Bolli be otherwise discharged by due counsel of law you are also
commanded to make return of this to me within thirty days from this date given under my hand this 11th days of February in the year 1815

ThomasThomas Sappington