Louis Tayon v. Etienne Malbeuf
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Territory of MissouriMissouri,
St Louis County,

In the Circuit Court of the term
of October One Thousand eight hundred and fifteen

Louis TaylorTaylor , plaintiff complains, of
defendant of a plea, of trespass, on the case for that
whereas, the said defendant on the first day of January one thousand eight hundred and ten at the town of St.
Charkes, in the then district, of st Charles, and territory,
of LouisianaLouisiana, to wit at the town of St LouisSt Louis in the Coun-
ty of St. LouisSt Louis, and within, the jurisdiction, of this court,
was indebted, to the said plaintiff, in the sum, of ninety,
five dollars and eighty five cents correct money, of the
UnitedUnited States, StatesUnited States for [  divers, ] goods & chattels, was and
by the said peaintiff before that time,
sold and delivered, to the said defendant, at his
special, instance and request and being so indebted,
he the said defendant in thereof
afterwards to wit, on the same day, and year afore,
said at the town of StSt Charles CharlesSt Charles, aforesaid to wit, at
the town and county, of St. LouisSt Louis aforesaid, and within,
the jurisdiction, aforesaid, undertook and faithfully,
promised, the said plaintiff to pay him, the said sum,
of Ninety five dollars, and eighty five cents, when
he should be, thereto afterwrds, requested
and whereas afterwards to, wit on the same day and
year aforesaid at the town of St CharlesSt Charles, in the then
district of StSt Charles, CharlesSt Charles aforesaid to wit at the town of
St. LouisSt Louis in the CountyCounty of St Louis, of St. LouisCounty of St Louis aforesaid and within
the jurisdiction, of this court, in consideration, that
the said plaintiff, at the request of the said
defendant had before, that time, sold & delivered,
to the said defendant divers, other goods & chattels,
and the said defendant
then and then undertook and faithfully promised, the
said plaintiff to pay him, so much money as he
therefore reasonably deserved, to have and the said
plaintiff that he there, for reasonably deserved,
to have of the said defendant other ninety, five