Peter Primm vs. John Lane, James Mackey, John Bolly, and Jeduthan Kendal
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on note to you the said BollyBolly on Security as aforesaid and you the said
BollyBolly and LaneLane after many fruitless attempts to procure the Said contract
you as a last resortpersuaded the Said complainant to drinkstrong liquors
thereby intending to prevail on him to get drunk and become intoxicated
and in that situation to get him to become security for you the Said LaneLane
for the payment of Said Sum of money to you the Said BollyBolly - and that
You the Said LaneLane and BollyBolly together with others your confederates did
prevail on the Said complainant to get drunk and become intoxicated by
Your urgent & frequently repeated solicitation to drink whiskey and other
Strong drink under pretense of much friendship and regard whereby the Said
Complainant was induced to drink made whiskey and other Strong liquors to
that he get extremely much intoxicated and utterly incapable to manage
his concern with any kind of discretion and in that situation was again
solicited and requested by you the Said Lane & Bolly to
the Said bond& note for the payment of the aforesaid Sum of money how
the Said BollyBolly and LaneLane pretending that the complainant would never
be injured by being Security in that behalf and also most positively
asserting that the Said LaneLane was a man of honor and would not let
any man Suffer who would befriend him- and thereupon prevailed to
the complainant an instrument of writing written on paper pretending
it was a promissory note and contained a condition or therein that if said
LaneLane remained in Town until the next day after that day then the
Complainant was discharged from effect at thereof- that the complainant
required of you the Said BollyBolly to read the Same to him on let him read it
himself, but you received Your assertion that you were a man of honor
and would not deceive him, and that the before mentioned was the
condition of the Said obligation or note and that Such were its effects
in law whereupon the said complainant did sign and execute the
Said instrumentof writing then and there forward to him by You Said
BollyBolly , that the Said note was afterwards assigned by Said BollyBolly to You the