Peter Primm vs. John Lane, James Mackey, John Bolly, and Jeduthan Kendal
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The United StatesUnited States of AmericaAmerica to JeduthanJeduthan Kendal KendalJeduthan Kendal , JohnJohn W Thompson W. ThompsonJohn W Thompson Sheriff of the County of St LouisCounty of St Louis and to the
Clerk of the Circuit CourtCircuit Court for the said County of StCounty of St Louis LouisCounty of St Louistheir, counselors, attornies, solicitors and agents, and every of
them greetin

Whereas It has been represented unto our Judge of our Superior CourtSuperior Court of our Territory of MissouriMissouri, sitting as a court
of chancery our said court, on the part of PeterPeter Primm complainant, against you the said JeduthanJeduthan Kendal KendalJeduthan Kendal ,
John WJohn W Thompson .ThompsonJohn W Thompson and then said clerk of the Circuit court, that the said complainant havingaccidentally met in company
with one John BolyJohn Boly of the then District, now county of St LouisSt Louis, in the spring of eighteen hundred and eleven, and one
John LaneJohn Lane a certain conversation or pretendedtreatywas had for a certain contract or sale of a certain seed or studhorse
had between the said BolyBolly an LaneLane , which the said BolyBolly offered to said LaneLane for the sum and priceof two hundred dollars, which said sum of two hundred dollars the said LaneLane agreed to give to him the said BolyBolly , whereas in
truth the said horse was not worth more than sixty dollars- That It was agreed between the said LaneLane and the
said BolyBolly that the said LaneLane being a poor man, exertion should be made to inducehim the complainant to become
bond with him said lane in an obligation or note for the payment of the said sum of two hundred dollars which he
the said complaintant then and there declined and absolutely refused to do and would notexecute said note as
security for the said LaneLane . That the said John BolyJohn Boly and the said John LaneJohn Lane notcontent with your orator for
declining and refusing to sign and execute the said Bond or note as aforesaid, the better to get over the scruples of
the said complainant did is a further art fraud and circumvention,withinbehalf by persuading the complainant, under
the color of friendship, to drink strong drink, thereby intending to prevail on your orator to get drunk and became
intoxicated, and in that situation to become security for said LaneLane as aforesaid, in which said attempt they did actually
succeed in getting him the said complainant drunk and intoxicated, in which situation he did sign the said Bond
or note, offering him at the same time that the said LaneLane was a man of honor and could not let him After