Peter Primm vs. John Lane, James Mackey, John Bolly, and Jeduthan Kendal
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deceiving and refusing to sign and execute said Bond or note as aforesaid, the better to get over the scruples of
the said complainant did is a further art fraud and circumventionbehalf by persuading the complainant, under
the color of friendship to drink strong drink, thereby intending to prevail on your orator to get drunk and become
intoxicated, and in that situation to becomesecurity for said LaneLane aforesaid in which said attempt they did actually
succeed in getting him the said complaintant drunk and intoxicated, in which situation he did sign the said bond
or note, assuringhim at the same time that the said LaneLane was a man of honor and could not let him Alter
that at the time the said instrument in writing or bond or note was persecuted to him forgedsignaturehe regretted that
the said BolyBolly might read it to him or him to read it himself, upon which the said BolyBolly said that he was a
man of honor, that the said note contained a condition or that of thesaidLaneLane remained in the Town of St LouisSt Louis-
until the then next day. then the complainant would be discharged from the effect of the said bond or note - and that
such was its effect in law wherefore the said complainant relying on the truth of what the said BolyBolly asserts to him,
and believing that such was the condition and that the foregoing asserted by said BolyBolly was the effect by law contained in
said instrument or pretendedpromissory note. That afterwards the said note was endorsed by said BolyBolly to one James MackeyJames Mackey and by said James MackeyJames Mackey to you the said Jeduthan KendalJeduthan Kendal on which said note at the last term of the circuit court for the county of
, St. LouisSt Louis on the nineteenth day of July last & judgment was obtained by you the said JeduthanJeduthan Kendal
KendalJeduthan Kendal against him the complainant where the Bond or note as aforesaid for the sum of two hundred and forty dollars
being the amount of the said note and the interest, thereon, together with the further sum of nineteen dollars and twenty
three cents for your costs- upon which said Judgement has already issued, and is now in the hand of
you the said JohnJohn W Thompson WJohn W Thompson ThompsonJohn W Thompson Sheriff or aforesaid, to levy and make the Damages and costs aforesaid, of the

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goods and chattelslands and tenaments of him the said complainant the same retainable on the secondmoved again
October next, and praying the previous writ of the UnitedUnited States StatesUnited States of injunction to stay all and every the proceedings
on the Judgement aforesaid, and the executionthereupon issued, and that the said injunction may be made perpetual
Therefore the consideration of the premise aforesaid we do strictlyenjoin and command you the said JeduthanJeduthan Kendal KendalJeduthan Kendal
absolutely desistfrom taking out, anexecution against him for the Judgment aforesaid, or ifexecution bealready issued out that
then you the said JohnJohn W Thompson WJohn W Thompson ThompsonJohn W Thompson do desistfrom further proceeding on the same against the saidPeterPeter Primm
until the hearing of this case by our said court sitting as a of chancery-

within the honorableSilasSilas Bent BentSilas Bent Esquirepresiding Judge of our said court at St LouisSt Louis this twenty eighth
day of August in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and fifteen and of our Independence the

J. VJ V Garnier .GarnierJ V Garnier clerk