Peter Primm vs. John Lane, James Mackey, John Bolly, and Jeduthan Kendal
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for what the note was given - and he told him that
it was for a seedhorse- and said MackeyMackey then agreed to
take the same in that way & it was so assigned for
the full amount of said note excepting a deduction
of about Twenty dollars. and the reason of his wishing
to assign the same in that way was, that he had
heard that Primm was going to CanadaCanada - and he
did not wish to go to law him, or to be liable
tobehold himself by said MackeyMackey if they traded and for no
other reason that of the proceedings after he asigned
over said note he is entirely ignorant - : That in all
the conduct and transaction of your respondantwith said
Primm he does expressly deny all and all manner of
of unlawful combination confederacy fraud or imposition
in the said complainants Bill charged against him
without that, that there is any other matter or thing
in the said Complainants Bill contained material or
effectual for this Defendant to answer unto and not herein
and hereby sufficiently answered unto confessed or
avoidedtraversed or denied is true to the knowledge
and belief of this defendant - all which matter &
things this defendant is ready to aver maintain and
prove this Honorable Courtshall award. and
humbly prays, henceforth to be dismissedwith his
reasonable costs and charges in this behalf most
wrongfully sustained

JohnJohn Bolly BollyJohn Bolly