Peter Primm vs. John Lane, James Mackey, John Bolly, and Jeduthan Kendal
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but the said BolyBolly said he (BolyBolly ) was a man of honor
and would not deceive the complainant once the
said BollyBolly thereupon again assured the complainant
that the before mentioned was the condition of the
tendered obligation or note and that such was
its effect in law.

12 That believing that the said BollyBolly had stated
the truth to him he was thereby induced to execute the said obligation or note as security for the said
LaneLane for the payment of the said sum of
money .

13 That when he executed the said note as security
for said LaneLane he was entirely incapable to manage
his own concerns with any kind of discretion
Judgment or prudence by reason of the intoxication
aforesaid procured as aforesaid

14 That the said complainant was entirely deceived
in executing said note or obligation by the false
suggestions and the suspicions of truth made
to him by the said Bolly, Lane and others their

All which facts the said complainant still
affirms to be true and prays that the same may
be inquired of by jury

MM McGirk McGirkM McGirk attorney
for complainant

and the Defendants do the like

EEdward Hempstead HempsteadEdward Hempstead