Samuel B. Smith vs. John Connelly and James Feron
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3.- Whether or not a written, article of copartnership was, made and entered, into by and between, the said, defendants
and your orator,;- if so, when & wehre,; the contract, thereof;
with whom it was, deposited where it now is :-if the copy set,
forth in the Bill is a true copy if that the variance, may
be and the article set forth, in the answers, of the
defendants in words ad figure at full length.

4.-Whether or not the said partners to trade with the Indians: or any of them & for whom obtained.

5. Whether, or not all of the partners were not to accompany, the said expedition: did they do so: if not who failed in doing it and why.

6- Whether or not your orator, the said ConnollyConnolly , & Manson, with the Indian Indian interpreters, & hands. did not ascend the MississippiMississippi, river, in the said keel boat, on the said trading voyage. if, so where did they first stop: and why: where did the said ConnollyConnolly leave the boat: and why what part of the goods did he take with him what interpreter, how many men, and where did he establish himself.

7.- Whether or not your orator & Manson did not ascend, the river with an intention of wintering, at or near the River Saint Pierre &, were they not stopped, at PrairiePrairie de chirn and prevented by the ice from going on-

8.-Whether or not the said ConnollyConnolly wrote to your orator, that his Gun Powder was nearly sold: requesting him to come with, the goods, to ; and particularly the Gun Powder, and the reason for such request if not what did ConnollyConnolly send, to your orator for. and why.

9.-Whether or not your orator carried, gun powder to said ConnollyConnolly at Joway River, and how much: and why: did any person go to Saint LouisSt Louis after a further supply: who went in what way or manner. if such person returned- with what supply, how disposed of and with whom left, whether the weather was then inclement and uncomfortable or moderate,.