Samuel B. Smith vs. John Connelly and James Feron
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10 Whether, or not your orator established himself, at
the mouth of Soway River,, and traded with the Indians, there if
not where was, he, and why

11 Whether, or not, Manson made, any profits by trading,
with Indians, the amount, of expenses, Paid out not the
amount, of goods sold, furs bought, and the good

12 Whether or, not ConnollyConnolly did not trade with, the
Indians, at and near, the Soway River, as one of the partners, what
goods he sold or disposed of, what skins, pelties, & furs he received,
in payment, or bartered for, How many Beaver skins, Bear skins,
Otter skins, Muskrat skins, Raccoon skins, & Deer skins did he obtain, what quantity, of feathers, bees wax, and
articles How many of each, of them your orator traded &,
bartered for,:

13 Whether, or not the skins pelties, furs effects and,
goods of said, company with in, the hands, of your orator,. the
said ConnollyConnolly & the said Manson were embarked on a boat, the
said, boat after, the return of Manson, from
did ConnollyConnolly , your orator & Manson come over, in the said boat,
if said boat & Cargo arrived safely at Saint LouisSt Louis, were they landed,
and stored, where by whom and with whom, what quantity,
of goods is undisposed, of and unsold, and the articles,, and cost,
of each, what is, the whole quantity amount, and worth,
of the skins furs pelties feathers,, feathers bees wax sugar,, and oher,
stored up belonging, to said company, who discharged,
and paid the interpreters and hands or, what sums Manson,
was employed, by whom, or, what shares,, for what and
by whom paid,

14 Whether or, not the said Fernon & Connolly have, the
said goods skins, furs, pelties, & effects, in their possession if,
not,, who has them,: has any part thereof been sold or disposed,
of by them by whom, for what price, what amount, what payments, and what balance, is in there,.

15 Whether, or not the said defendants, have the
original articles of, agreement, Books, invoices, sales, credits,