Samuel B. Smith vs. John Connelly and James Feron
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and papers, of said comoany, and that they may, be produced,
on the hearing, of this cause & before, the auditor, - if they
have them, not where are they,

16- Whether, or not the defendants have accounts,
10 and with, your orator for, his third part, of said effects, if so when,
and wher, and what was, the amount, - if they have not accounted,
why not or than

17- Whether, or not the said company made any profits and how much at what place,, and places and by what

18- Whether, or not the said defendants both, or neither,
of them have, a permanent residence, in this territory are, they
or either, of them about leaving, the territory without,,
having, a settlement or paying, your orator, his part or portion, and
have, thy not the whole of the partnership propery, in their possession,
and at their disposal, that the said defendants, may, be ordered,
and compelled to, pay to, your orator, the part coming &,
him, and said partnership, that they may be obliged, to bring in, and deposit with, the proper office, of this Honorable Court,
all such, Books of accounts, of the said partnership together with,
the invoices, sales, papers,, and writings touching, the same,.
that the said defedants, may be restrainted, From selling, and
disposing of, the partnership effects unless to the consent, of
your orator, and that a Writ, of may be granted,
against them, in favor of your orator restraining, them and each,
of them from leaving this territroy until the demands, of your
orator aforesaid are fairly & justly settled and filed, and that
your orator may have such, & further relief in the,
in the of this case my require, that it
please, your Honors therefore to grant, your orator, the writ, of
Subpoena requiring, the said defendants, and each of them
to personally be, and appear before, this Honorable court then &,
there have full perfect and distinct answers, to all
and Singular, the premises, on this, and each of respective,