Samuel B. Smith vs. John Connelly and James Feron
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corporal oaths, to be by, them taken on, the
of Almighty, God and also the Writ, of
and restraining, them & each, of them from leaving, this territory,
while they shall have given security according, to law to,
pay sheriff, the just demands, of your, said orator, as
aforesaid, and to stand to, and abide by and perform, the
is the and
also an injunction, the said defendants,
from disposing, of the than of your orator in said partner,
ship and also the of a directed to, them the said
defendants, thereby requiring, them & each, of them to
bring in and deposit with the proper office of this case,
all such, Books of account of the, said partnership invoices,
and papers relating to, the promises as, they or of
them shall in, their anser to, your true confess,
to be in their, hands, proven, or custody, or in, the hands,
proven, or custody, of any other person or persons in trial,
for them or rather of them, And the said defendants,
may stand, to, perform,, and abide such further order &,
is the promises as, this Honorable Court shall,
make therein,

And your orator will pray,

Samuel B SmithSamuel B Smith ,