Samuel B. Smith vs. John Connelly and James Feron
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SuperiorSuperior Court court In chancery

FernonFernon and Conolly v Smith

Robert maketh oath and saith that he was therefore by the plaintiff FernonFernon and and ConnollyConnolly as their attorney that in said capacity
he had several communications with the Defendant
SamuelSamuel B Smith B SmithSamuel B Smith of and concerning the matters in dispute between said parties that this deponent in the course
of said communications understood and believed that it was agreed by and between the said FernonFernon and Conolly
and said SmithSmith that a cetain action of Replevin
brought by said FernonFernon and Conolly against said
SmithSmith should be dismissed by said FernonFernon and Conolly
and this deponent saith that in consequence of said
agreement to the best of this deponents belief she saidaction of replevin

Sworn to and subscribed in
open court September 23 1819

J.G. Parmer atty