Samuel B. Smith vs. John Connelly and James Feron
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To the Honorable the Judges of the Superior CourtSuperior Court , of the
Territory, of MissouriMissouri sitting, as a Court, of
Humbly, complaining your Honor,, your
orator SamuelSamuel B Smith ,BSamuel B Smith . SmithSamuel B Smith , of the town, and county, of SaintSt Louis,
LouisSt Louis and Territory, of MissouriMissouri that, on the nineteenth day of August in the year one thousand eight and sixteen
at the town, and county, of Saint LouisSt Louis aforesaid a certain,
conversation was, had and moved, by and between, a certain,
JohnJohn Connolly ConnollyJohn Connolly , and JamesJames Fernon FernonJames Fernon , whom your orator prays may,
be made and taken, as defendents, in this his Bill, of Complaint,
and your respecting a trading voyage, up the RiverRiver Mississippi
MississippiRiver Mississippi, and its tributary waters, among the Indians made,
after several conversations, upon the subject, it was agreed, by
and between, them, that each of them should furnish an equal,
part, in value of goods suitable for the Indian trade, or money
to purchase, the same. and also promises, for the trip, a Boat,
and its and for hiring interpreters, and hands for that
expedition, and thereupon, your orator furnished money, for his
part, of said equipment and outfit, which amounted, to the
Sum of Five thousand, three hundred and thirty six,
dollars or thereabouts,:.................................
about the sum of two hundred & Twenty five, dollars which,
was furnished more, than his proportion, and for which he gave
his promisory note to, the said Connolly, & Fernon, payable
in May, or June, following and in which interest was calculated,
and included, at the rate of five per centum per annum, and
thereupon, the said Connolly, Fernon, and your orator, made &
entered, into a written, agreement in the words, and figures following,