Samuel B. Smith vs. John Connelly and James Feron
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SamuelSamuel B Smith ,BSamuel B Smith . SmithSamuel B Smith ,
James FernonJames Fernon & John ConnollyJohn Connolly ,

On Bill filed in, the office, of the
clerk, of the SuperiorSuperior Court court, of the
Territory, of MissouriMissouri Northern Circuit,
and for an application to, the Hon,
SilasSilas Bent ,BentSilas Bent one of the Judges, of the

SamuelSamuel B Smith ,BSamuel B Smith SmithSamuel B Smith being duly,
sworn, on his oath, saith that the amount of the outfit for,
the trade, with him and the said Fernon & Connolly was in,
the whole, the sum, of Five thousand, three Hundred and
thirty six, Dollars, and of which, he was entitled,
to the - That the goods and furs pelties, and
effects of the said partnership, as stated, in the said Bill, brought and one in the power and,
possession, and care, of said Fernon & Connolly,
of by them - that this deponent received, of the said company, goods to about the amount of eighty or, one Hundred
Dollars and about forty four, dollars in muskrat skins &,
and no more the balnce, they the said defendants have, or the same hereby disposed of by, them - that
no settlement has, been made between, him & them, and
they have returned, to come to a settlement, - that he had
good reason, to believe that both, of said defendants in and
to leave this territory without, an intention to remain, to
reside there, : - that FernonFernon told, him a few, days ago
that, he intended to leave, this for PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia in a few,
days, ; - that ConnollyConnolly , said also he would leave SLouis, as
soon as he, could get off &, has left his boarding house,