Samuel B. Smith vs. John Connelly and James Feron
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That this deponent verily, believes that the goods of the said,
partnership on their return, to SaintSt Louis, LouisSt Louis. the boat,- furs,
and and other effects, after the of the
voyage, are at least of the value, of four thousand
five hundred dollars as you can judge from a rough,
estimate, and calculation, (not having the amount of goods
form & effects to to now the books of said company)-
That at the time the said agreement
he did not know of the intention, of said defendants not to that they, have refused to make him, satisfaction for his part of said partnership funds and property,
he does verily believe, that great injustice will be done to him unless, the said defendants
be, compelled to give bail :- that this deponent verily,
believes that the bail aught to be in the sum, of two, thousand dollars, to secure,
to him his, just proportion of said partnership goods
effects, and the, proceeds thereof and the damages and

Sam B SmithB Smith ,

Sworn to & subscribed this,
6th day of june 1817 before,