Samuel B. Smith vs. John Connelly and James Feron
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the goods and outfit, aforesaid, on board, of a Keel, boat
having previously engaged two interpreters, one of whom was
intended, to accompany, some of the partners, on some part of,
said expedition to, the River Saint Peters and who it was,
understood, the language of, the Sioux tribe, of Indians,
and other other tribes who inhabit, those regions,, the name of this
interpreter was FrancoisFrancois Lebalke,.-

And your orator furhter states, that they proceeded up,
the said RiverRiver Mississippi MississippiRiver Mississippi, in said Keel, Boat, and were detained,
at Portage some days in repairing, the boat, and
arrived, at Rock Island - and it was, there determined, by and
between the said ConnollyConnolly , and your orator,, that said ConnollyConnolly ,
should take one, one third, of the whole outifit, of goods, and one of
the interpreters, and go and establish, himself on account of the
company at or near the mouth of the River, and
that your orator, and Manson, the agent, of FernonFernon , with Labalk,
the interpreter, should proceed, to the River Saint Pierre in the,
Keel Boat, with the residue, of the Goods and Equipment,

That accordingly, your orator, and said Manson ascended, the
MississippiMississippi with, the interpreter, and the other hands, in, the
Boat aforesaid and arrived, at
about the Eigth or tenth, day of November, and about this time, the river was filled with ice, so that it was altogether,
[ impracticable ] to, ascend the river, at that season, of
the year:- that their pork and flour, was by this time, nearly consumed, and exhausted, and there, was no opportunity, of trading,
with Indians, at that place: and your orator was, much at a
loss, to determine, what course the outfit out to pursue and, which
steps to, take for the benefit, of said - and before