Samuel B. Smith vs. John Connelly and James Feron
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The joint and several answer, of James FernonJames Fernon , and JohnJohn Connolly
ConnollyJohn Connolly , defendants to a Bill of complaint exhibited,
against them by Samuel B. SmithSamuel B Smith complainant and in the
SuperiorSuperior Court court for the territory of MissouriMissouri, the chancery
sitting for the northern circuit.

These defendants now and at all times hereafter saving and reserving, to themselves all manner of benifit and advantage of to the many errors, and in the complainants said Bill of complaint contained, for answer thereunto or not. so much therof as they are advised is material for them to make answer with. answer and say that they admit it to be true they were, in partnership with the complainant in the year eighteen, hundred and sixteen, and that they fitted out an expedition up the MississippiMississippi, river for the purpose of trading with the indians as stated in the complainants bill, that each partner was to furnish, an equal share of said expedition or outfit, to bear an equal share of all expenses and losses; and receive one equal third part of whatever profits might be made they also admit that they and each of them did sign, and execute the written agreement stated and set out in the complainants Bill, under date of the nineteenth of August of the year eighteen hundered and sixteen, the original, whrereof they herewith show and file with their