Samuel B. Smith vs. John Connelly and James Feron
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answer, the amount of the goods and merchandises which they
took up the river for the purposes, of trading as aforesaid, was, five
thousand three hundred and thirty six dollars forty seven cents and
no more, of which an invoice, is herewith shown and filed and
prayed, to be taken as part of this answer, marked exhibit,
no 1, of defendants,. That all the furs, pelties, Bees wax,, feathers
and other articles traded for by said defendants when up the
river including those acquired, by the complainant, the
other partner, are contained or, mentioned in the account,
threof herewith shown and filed marked Exhibit, no 3 of
defendants, of which it will be seen that nine, hundred
and seven dollars, ninety seven and a half cents worth have
been sold, leaving a balance unsold, of six, hundred and thirty
dollars worth, and three cents these likely to be injured,
by keeping, have been shipped, to PittsburghPittsburgh, for sale, these
defendants also state that they have paid for and on account
of said copartnership, of Fernon, Connolly, & Smith, the sum of
eight hundred and ninty nine dollars one & half, cents agreeably,
to the account thereof herewith shown &, filed marked,
Exhibit no.4 of defendants. The one third part whereof
the complainant, owes to them or ought to be charged with,
that the said complainant, on his own private, account
to these defendants the sum, of three hundred and fifty
nine dollars,, thirty nine cents. according to the account
therefof herewith shown, and filed market exhibited, no 5.
of defendants, also the note therein charged,. Also that
he owes, to the company, the sum of, one hundred & twenty, three dollars,