Samuel B. Smith vs. John Connelly and James Feron
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ant, and in virtue, of between him and FernonFernon , that
the said Manson, mentioned in the complainants,
Bill should go up the river in the place and stead
of this defendant James FernonJames Fernon , and the said Manson,
did accordingly accompany the said expedition and outfit
as, is stated in the Bill and was, to receive, one half
Fernons share of the profits. The defendants also admit, they
obtained a license from the proper constitutional, authorities
to trade with the Indians, as stated by the complainants,
Bill these defendants do most absolutely deny,
that they ever refused, to come to a fair and honorable
settlement with the complainant, On the contrary,
thereof they state that they could never, get the said com-
plainant, to come to any settlement with them that
they did once to wit, on or about the twenty third day of May eighteen, hundred and seventeen enter, into
an obligation jointly, with the said complainant, drawn by
Joseph T Garnier, in the penal sum of one thousand
dollars conditioned that they and each of them
should well, and truly abide by and perform the final
award and arbitrament, of ThomasThomas Hanley,, MosesMoses Scott ,
ScottMoses Scott and EphraimEphraim Tour, one of whom was chosen, by
each partner, to whom the subject matter contained
in the complainats, Bill was referred, and they the