Samuel B. Smith vs. John Connelly and James Feron
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said arbitrators and referees, after having been sworn, to do
Justice to the parties, according to the best of their judge
ment did accordingly meet at the Town, of St LouisSt Louis, on
the twenty, eigth day of May in the year aforesaid, in
the presence, of the said complainant, and these defendants
and after having heard, all the statements and proof of
the parties and examined, their accounts did make
up their award in, writing now, here shown, and
prayed to be made part and parcel of this answer
marked, Exhibit, no 10, of defendants whereby they did
under their hands and seals, order and direct that both the complainant and JamesJames Fernon FernonJames Fernon , one of
these defendants should stand charged with, the sum
of $1776.32, by the complainant, being the amount unaccounted, for by the complainant and Manson, Fernon's,
agent and that each one of them should be charged
with half of said sum. that this award, was therefore show, to the said complainant with a request that he
would comply therewith; which he utterly, refused to do.
These defendants do therefore state that they never refused
to settle the partnership,accounts with the complainant, but that they now are, and always have been
ready to settle and adjust the same themselves
or by any other persons, capable of settling accounts.