Samuel B. Smith vs. John Connelly and James Feron
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left the county, and would have rendered no, account
thereof but would have left these defendants to
have from him in the best manner
they could. The property so by them taken has been partly
sold and the ballance shipped, to PittsburghPittsburgh, for sale
as has already been shown, and herein, stated all for
the use, of the company.

These defendants further ans
wering state that JohnJohn Connolly ConnollyJohn Connolly , after having ascended
to Rock, Island returned, to the mouth of the river
Soway, and had with him only about the one third
part of the whole outfit, or capital stock, of goods.
With which he continued, to trade there the whole
season, that he had with him two hands only, one an,
interpreter named , the other named
Robert Hunter.

This defendant JohnJohn Connolly ConnollyJohn Connolly ,
admits that he wrote, to the complainant at PrairiePrairie,
not only for the gun, powder but also
for the goods he had with him there, informing
him that if he would bring them down, to where he
was to wit, at the mouth of the Soway, river, they
would all be traded and bartered, off there,; But
instead of doing this the said complainant,
brought down, to Rock Island as he stated himself