Samuel B. Smith vs. John Connelly and James Feron
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he had come to any definite conclusion, he recieved, a letter
from his partner ConnollyConnolly , requesting him to come to the mouth
of the Soway River, with all or a part of the goods of the
firm,, that he could dispose, of them, and that his gun, powder was nearly sold, and at all to bring him ConnollyConnolly a supply of the powder, without which he could not take his other Goods to the Indians,.

And your orator further states, that agreeably to the request of the said ConnollyConnolly as aforesaid,, he made preparations to join the said ConnollyConnolly and the MississippiMississippi, being then frozen, over and passable on the ice, he hired men trains and horses to carry the Goods he was about taking down to wit, about the equal half part of the two thirds, him & Manson, had taken together and left the remainder, with the said Manson, then he accordingly started, with the said goods on said trains and with much difficulty arrived with the goods at Rock Island, and the ice was not strong enough to proceed further in that manner- accordingly your orator believing it absolutely necessary that his parther should have a supply of powder took all that your orator had being on Horse back, and in that way went to said ConnollyConnolly at the mouth of the Sowy river. and delivered, to him the powder: and as there was not a sufficient quantity, of that article, it was, concluded that your orator should return, to Saint LouisSt Louis by after, a further, supply of gun, Powder.

And your orator further states, that his partner ConnollyConnolly then there gave him an order on Mr Thomas HanlyThomas Hanly , of Saint LouisSt Louis for a quantity of gun powder, and he started at that inclement season by land for that purpose, arrived