Samuel B. Smith vs. John Connelly and James Feron
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only about the half of what goods he and Manson had
at PrairiePrairie, du ChienChien ,, including two kegs, of gun powder.
From which place he brought down to the mouth of the
Soway, river only the two kegs of power; having left
the [ ballance ] of the aricles at Rock Island in care
of a man to whom he agreed to give nearly double
the amount of wages, paid by the company to any
other hand; and which these defendants have been
obliged, to pay. These two kegs, of gun powder were
brought from Rock Island on the ice, and not, on
horseback, as these defendants believe to be true and
Why the complainant, could not have brought down
all the goods there, in the same way these defend-
ants Cannot say but they are of opinion they might
and ought to have been so brought down, and that
a great loss, has thereby been sustained by the complainant,
. This defendant ConnollyConnolly , also states that the said
complainant, on his arrival at the mouth of the Soway,
river contrary, to his advice and consent, determined
on coming down to, for more gun powder, alth.
this defendant ConnollyConnolly urged, to him the inexpediency, of the trip even if it, were prcticable, and altho he
was told that before he could get back, the trading
season would be past. Discovering however that