Samuel B. Smith vs. John Connelly and James Feron
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he would come down to use his own phraseology, dead or
alive, this defendant Conolly gave him an, order on
Thomas HanlyThomas Hanly for gun powder which however he did
not deliver at the mouth of the Soway, river until the
season was nearly past. On, his arrival there he
delivered to this defendant the two kegs, as stated and
this defendant urged, him to bring all his goods and the
[ ballance ] of the powder on his return from Rock,
Island the second time with the goods left there
by him in descending, to the house of this defendant
who would inform him how, he might, trade them
all off. But instead, of doing this he persisted, in
establishing himself at the mouth, of said river, and
within about ten miles of the establishment of this
defendant. By this time the trading season was over.
These defendants cannot say whether on the arrival
of the complainant and Manson PrairiePrairie du,
ChienChien , the river was so filled with ice, as to prevent
them from ascending, the river higher. They however,
think it probable that was the facts. But they
are of opinion and think the said complainant, and
Manson might have traded more at, that place if
they had used the proper means and exertions,, and
have done much better for the company. These defendants, admit that they are not