Samuel B. Smith vs. John Connelly and James Feron
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in the territory,, but they deny that they have any inten-
tion of quitting, the territory or, avoiding a settlement of
their company transaction,. They are preparing,
another outfit for the Indian trade, and expect, to
start, in a short, time for that purpose, up the river
with the hope of returning to St LouisSt Louis, at the usual
time for the return, of Indian trades which is the
Succeeding Spring. All the goods brought down the
river remaining, on hand, have been disposed
of by these defendants: an account whereof
is herewith thereon & filed marked Ehxhibit
(no, 2) of defendants, these goods being greatly damaged
& very unsaleable were disposed, of in such man-
ner by these defenants for the benefit of the
Company as they thought best-some at private
sale and some at auction, as the defendants,
could find, opportunities of selling them. This
measure they thought most to the Interest,
of the company to adopt for the following
reasons; first to close, the partnership,
transactions and pay off expences as far
as they could secondly the said goods
were liable, to become more damaged and
and injured by being kept, on hand: thirdly,
Goods and articles of those kind, were daily
depreciating in value, throughout the united,