Samuel B. Smith vs. John Connelly and James Feron
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13. To, this interrogatory these defendants say they
have sold some of the furs &, other articles the
property of the company &, have shippd, others
as herein before stated, & shown by the accounts

To, this they answer, & say they have
already fully answered.

15 To, this the defendants answer and admit
they have the original invoices & books
and that they are ready to produce them
when & where this honorable court shall

16 To, this interrogatory they say they have
fully answered

17 the company made no profits but
sustained a great loss to wit, not less
than three thousand dollars principally
owing, to the bad management of the
complainant & Manson, as already stated,

18 To, this question the defendants say they have no intention to leave the territory but
intend going up the river on a trading,
voyage from, which they to
return next spring,

And these defendants deny all manner of
Confederacey & combination where with they
stand charged in & by the said bill, of
complaint without that, that there is any