Samuel B. Smith vs. John Connelly and James Feron
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that the exact, quantity of Goods returned unsold by Manson,
and your orator,, and which were stored, at Davis's, he cannot, say: the value at prime, cost was, he thinks somehwere, about thirteen, or fourteen Hundred dollars:- the goods returned, by ConnollyConnolly , having no thereof he cannot state, the quantity, or value, but believes, the quantity or value cannot be large, in proportion, to the others as ConnollyConnolly , had better success, in trade than the

And your orator, further states that after the, said goods. furs, and were thus stored, as aforesaid, and also a quantity of feathers supposed, to be about four Hundred pounds weight about five hundred pounds weight, of Bees wax, about one hundred weight of sugar, the said Fernon & Connolly raised difficulties with your orator, refused to settle according to the sums of the copartnership and together to refuse him.

That the then brought to thirty six or thirty eight Packs or pactons of bear skins, deer skins, muskrat skins, racoon skins, beaver skins, & other skins, the precise number & quantity of each your orator, cannot positively state.

And your orator further, states that he regularly requested, of the said FernonFernon & Connoly, to divide, the said furs, pelts,, and effects according to said article of agreement which they wholly, refused and would neither come to a settlement, or decision,: and your orator therefore agreed with one EphraimEphraim , Tour to sell, him a part of the for cost at the following rates, Deer skins, at the rate, of thirty, three & one third cent per, pound. Beaver, skins at the rate, of three dollars per pound muskrat skins at the rate, of twenty cents each: Racoon, skins at fifty, cents each. otter skins at three, dollars each and,