Samuel B. Smith vs. John Connelly and James Feron
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at Saint LouisSt Louis procurred Four Kegs, of Gun, powder, on the
said order hired another interpreter, to proceed with, him in
order, to trade with, some of the neighbouring Indians,, and
returned to, the mouth of the Sowwy, River - Connolly his partner,
had removed some fifteen or twenty miles from, his
first establishment but the found, him at the mouth of,
said Sowway, River, and delivered to, him two, more Kegs of,
gun powder, - and left, the remainder, in charge of a French,
trader and proceeded to, Rock Island brought down, the
goods he, had left there to the mouth, of the Sowway, River
recieved his Two Kegs, of powder and, commenced trading,
with the Indians, at that place,

And your orator further states, that he continued,
to trade, and traffick with, the Indians,, and used his utmost,
for the benefit, of said partnership until, the spring when
Manson descends, the River MississippiRiver Mississippi to the mouth, of the
Soway River, having traded, very little with, the Indians with,
the boat and the balance, of the goods -- that, his partner,
ConnollyConnolly and, himself gatherd, together the remains, of the goods
not sold, their skins, furs, pelts, and effects excepting,
about two, Hundred muskrat skins & five guns, which were left, with the interpreter, and which were, afterwards delivered,
to your orator, at Saint LouisSt Louis and with Manson embarked in,
the boat fo, Saint LouisSt Louis and arrived, safely sometime,
the beginning of May, and stored their, said goods, skins, furs,
and at RalphRalph Davis's in, the said town, of Saint LouisSt Louis
&, that FernonFernon was then, at Saint LouisSt Louis-

And your orator further states, that Manson, did not sell,
or dispose, of many of the goods. That your orator, sold more,>
to advantage but, not to the total, of the trade, of his partner ConnollyConnolly , who had been stationary, & trading, the whole winter,