Samuel B. Smith vs. John Connelly and James Feron
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Beark skins at three, dollars each, and caused Twenty, Seven
of said skins, furs, and to be transported to, the cellar of,

Gibbons, in the Town, of SaintSt Louis, LouisSt Louis, to assort, and count,
the same, and to receive, payment therefor from, the said EphraimEphraim Tour, for the said company but before, the said skins furs and,
were then assorted & counted and finally delivered to,
said EphraimEphraim Tour,, the said Fernon & Connolly retook, the same,
or some part for them, so that the goods,
and effects are still in, the power, & possession, of the said Fernon, & Connolly or have been sold, or disposed of by them - and
the said Fernon & Connolly will neither, permit your orator to, have
control, or power over, the said goods furs skins, peltices a& effects,
nor will, they make, a settlement, or division thereof according,
to said article, of Copartnership,: -

And, your orator further states, that the said FernonFernon ,
and ConnollyConnolly are transient, persons, have permanent place of,
residence, or abode in, this terriroty, and are about to leave,
it, for parts unkown, to your orator, - and your orator, is
advised that, he cannot maintain an action at law against,
them only account until, the said copartnership is terminated,
and he is fearful that they will convert and dispose, of all,
the said copartnership effects, and leave the county so that,
your orator will be remidiless in the promises, and deprived,
of his part & portion, of said property or, the proceeds,

and, your orator, further states, that the Bills, of account, and
invoices, and sales, of said company are not, in his power, or possession,
but are in the possession, or power of the said defendants, as he
supposses,. So that the said defendants, can only, make a statement of,
the partnership transactions, and your orator, hath frequently, in a
friendly manner applied, to the said defendants, to make a fair and equal,