Samuel B. Smith vs. John Connelly and James Feron
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St LouisSt Louis28th May 1817

It appearing to us the undersigned arbitrators
appointed to settle in disputes existing between Fernan ConnollyConnolly
and SmithSmith , that show in a deficit of One Thousand Seven
hundred and seventy six dollars 32 cents, which appears
to have arisen from the parts of the goods allotted in
Fernan and SmithSmith , and as they have not exhibited to us any account whatever, of how this deficiency has occured
we award that cash of those persons individually
stand charged by the firm with the full and
of the said deficiency, that is to say, Fernan shall
be charged by the firm of FernanConnollyConnolly and SmithSmith with the full sumof eight hundred & eighty eight
dollars 16 cts and SmithSmith be charged by
the said firm with a like sum of eight
hundred and eighty eight dollars 16 cents which
several sums will produce the deficit not accounted for