Samuel B. Smith vs. John Connelly and James Feron
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EphraimEphraim Tower Being duly sworn on his oath saith that he was one of the aforesaid
arbitrators between the aforesaid that prior to into or
investigator of the to be subscribed to them by the said parties they were

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severally sworn well and truly to arbitrate and a true award to bring between the said
parties that the same was done in the presence of the said parties - that they the said-
arbitrary went into an examinationof the mattersaforesaid, received the
proof of the said parties in the presence of the said parties, and that they unanimously
agreed for and brought an award between the said parties, a by whereof is on
the other side and futher saith not

Sworn to and subscribed this day of June

1817 between the hour of 9 oClock in
theforenoon at twelve oClock at noon
of the same day before at my officeoffice

J.C. Parmer