Samuel B. Smith vs. John Connelly and James Feron
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division, of said, partnership effects,, and to come to a fair, and just,
account, and settlement, with your orator,. Which they, have wholly
neglected to do although, your orator expressely charges, the fact,
to be that he is entitled to a third put thereof according to,
said Articles of Copartnership, all which
and doings, of the said doings of the said James FernonJames Fernon & John ConnollyJohn Connolly ,, and their Confederates, are contrary to right equity,, and good conscience,
and to defeat, and defraud, your orator, of his part and,
portion, of the said partnership to his manifest wrong,
and injury.

In tender consideration, whereof and forasmuch,
as your orator, is altogether remidiless, in the premises, by the strict rules, of the common law,, and cannot have any discovery, or relief,
without the without the aid and assistance, of a Court, of
matters, of account; copartnership concerns, writs, of injunction
and of , , and

To the end therefore that the said James FernonJames Fernon , and
John ConnollyJohn Connolly ,, and their confederates when discovered, may after,
their corporal oaths, have direct, and positive answers make, to
all and singular, the matters aforesaid, as fully as if the same
were herein, again , and they thereunto particularly interrogated,
and more especially, that they, may answer, and
set forth,.

1st-Whether or not a conversation, was had & moved, by
and between, the said defendants, and your orator respecting, a
trading, trip up the Mississippi RiverMississippi River, - if so, what was the
substance, and amount, of such conversation,.

2-: Whether, or not an outfit was furnished for,
such expedition,; by whom: to what amount: in what articles,
article by article the quantity, & conts, of each:- by whom paid, for
and, how:- in what proportions, by each, of the parties aforesaid,