Estate of Gabriel Cerre by August Chouteau, Exceutor v. Antoine Delard
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Territory of MissouriMissouri
County of Saint LouisCounty of Saint Louis

August ChouteauAugust Chouteau of the last will and testament of Gabriel Cerre deceased, which
said letters of administration and letter testamentary an now
to the count here their, complains of Antoine Delard of
a plea of Trespass or the law. Ya that the said
at the John of saint Louis, and county of saint
Louis and within the jurisdiction of this county on the
seventeenth day of June in the Year one thousand seven hundred & Ninety three. by on certain promissory
note of that doth by him by the name of Ant.
Delard subscribed and to the said Gabriel Cerre then
him delivering, promising to pay to him by the name
and description of Carri to his order, the
sum of Five Hundred, thirty five lives and Nineteen
Six , equal to the sum of Eighty nine Dollars
and nineteen lawfull of the united States. Ya
of an account to that day.

You the said Defendant though of the
requesting hall was refuse the same sum of money
to pay to the said GabrielGabriel is his before him, and
still doth refuse 1. pay the same to the plaintiff
his execution to the damage of plaintiff
in his aforesaid capacity two hundred Dollars
the sum

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