Estate of Gabriel Cerre by August Chouteau, Exceutor v. Antoine Delard
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The deposition of AugustusLaroche taken by wit to be
read on said in the suit defendent in the St. LouisCircuit Court
Circuit CourtCircuit Court between Aug. chotean of on certain
Deland on the part of the Deft.

The said deponent being first duly deposeth and saith that
be had known the Deft. Automic Deland since thirty years and
twenty four years of that time on this county. That in the
last of the year 1796 and the beginning of 1797 this deponent and the
and automic both in the service of the
cure, deceased, the father in law of Col. Chotean, and
were at that time employed at the pioias that Con. automic
Delard was well able in this time and ever since to pay his debts
that Mc. automic Delard has aesided since twenty one years at
the piore as and that almost every fall and opeing denory the life
of Con Cenre, he Con Cenre was in the habet of passing by
the pioias on his way to & from Mainaum and that he often
saw Mc. cenre and Mc Delard together, and at one time the
whole there, that is the acponent, M. Delard and Mc Cerne
went in three canoes in company to Maconour which was
in the seon 1797 in the month of June and July of that zean,
and that he does not know that Mc Delard has been about
from his home at the Piorias, except when he was made prisoner
in the beginning of the late was. That two years age that is to say
in the year 1315 he deponent came with the said automic Delard
from Maimann and parted from him at the grand and in the
IllinoisIllinois river, what the defendant continued his towards
St. LouisSt Louis and further this deponent saith that Mc. Delard
was and himself to Mc. Gahil Cerxe

Angoes tin La Laroche

Sworn to and subscribed
in open court, this 16th Oct 1817

A. S. McGirk Dclk
for M P LeducP Leduc Clk