Joseph Robidoux v. Jeremiah Conner
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The Testimony of NathanielNathaniel Hitchison taken between
the hours of ten of the Clock in the forenoon & four of
the Clock in the afternoon of the 27th day of December in the year Eighteen hundred & seventeen before me the undesign
Justice of the peace of HowardHoward County MissouriMissouri Territory
the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Said
County & Territory [ afforesaid ] in pursuance of the annexed
notice and in obedience to the anexed Dedimus

the Deponent being of Lawfull age SayethSayeth

Question by GeorgeGeorge Tampkinsfor plaintiff

Tell what you no in this case

And, JeremiahJeremiah Connor ConnorJeremiah Connor Wrote to me to going to Cooper
Fort to as just his Clerk in packing up his goods
Question by same what goods were these
I do not understand the question

Question by the same Tell if you can what weight of
goods Comes there at that time and where they were
brought from to that place and who brought them and
in what manner

And as to the weight of goods JeanJean only say I believe there
were four [ Naggou ]loads but think they were small loads
these werehauled from fort Cooper and put in RobidouxRobideaux
boat to be taken to fort Osage I understood from Mr
Conner that these goods were [ shiped ] at St LouisSt Louis for Fort
Osage an boardRobidouxRobideaux boat

Question by same Tell if you no she cause of their dropping
at Fort Cooper & Who was the Clerk for Mr Conner

Ans I Learned from various sources & I think from Mr
Conner that the cause of their mapping at Fort Cooper
was their not being able to the never in consequence
of the Lee and PatrickPatrick Crowly was then his Clerks

NathanielNathaniel Hutchison