Joseph Robidoux v. Jeremiah Conner
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JeremiahJeremiah the said sum of five hundred dollars
would will & truly pay unto the said JosephJoseph when-
-ever he should be thereunto afterwards required;

And for that the said JosephJoseph on or
about the first day of the month of November
eighteen hundred & sixteen at the town of St. LouisSt Louis
at the County aforesaid took & received on board
a certain keel boat belonging to him the said
JosephJoseph divers goods, wares & merchandize of the
said JeremiahJeremiah contained in divers hands
boxes & keggs, weighing in all a great weight
to writ, the weight of twenty thousand which he
the said JosephJoseph agreed to & with the
to carry & Transport for the said JeremiahJeremiah to a
certain place called Fort Osage on the MissouriMissouri
river to wit at the County aforesaid: for which
the said JeremiahJeremiah undertook & promised to pay
him the said JosephJoseph at the rate of two dollars
& seventy five cents per hundred weight as the
price of the freight of the aforesaid goods wares
;- And the said JosephJoseph
that he did long since carry & Transport the goods
wares & merchandize aforesaid to Fort Osage
aforesaid; whereby the said Jerimah became
bound & unable to pay the said JosephJoseph the further
sum of five hundred & fifty dollars the amount
of the fright of the aforesaid goods wares & merchan-
dize, wherenever he the said JeremiahJeremiah should be