Joseph Robidoux v. Jeremiah Conner
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thereunto afterwards requested; and being so liable
afterwards to wit, the day & year aforesaid at
the County aforesaid promised in consideration
thereof so to do.

And for that the said JeremiahJeremiah on the
day & year last aforesaid at the County afore=
=said, was indebted to the said JosephJoseph other
five hundred dollars as well for divers goods
wares & merchandise before that time sold
& delivered by the said JosephJoseph to the said
JeremiahJeremiah , and for divers sums of money before
that time advanced, paid, laid out & expanded by the
said JosephJoseph to & for the use of the said Jeromiah
dict & cooling provided & furnished
by the said JosephJoseph for & to the clerk of the
JeremiahJeremiah all at the like special instance and
request of the said JeremiahJeremiah , and being so
indebted the said Jeromiah in consideration thereof.
afterwards to wit the day & year & at the county
aforesaid undertook & faithfully promised the
said JosephJoseph to pay him the sum of money last
aforesaid whereas he should be thereunto after-
=wards requested; Neverthless the said
JeremiahJeremiah his promises & assumptions aforesaid
not regarding, the sums of money aforesaid
nor either nor any part of either get hath not
paid, (although so to do the said JeremiahJeremiah hath
been often requested; to wit, the day & year