Joseph Robidoux v. Jeremiah Conner
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Deposition Taken by notice of a Dedimus and rule, out of the office
of the desk of the circuit court of the county of St LouisSt Louis at the office of
JosephJoseph V VJoseph V Pamier in the Town of St LouisSt Louis, on Tuesday the tenth day
of March in the Year eighteen hundred and eighteen between the
hours often in the forenoon and four in the afternoon of the Same
day, and to be read in evidence on the trial of a certain suit now
leading in the circuit court aforesaid Between Joseph RobedouxJoseph Robideaux
Plaintiff and Jeremiah ConnorJeremiah Connor defendant.

MichaelMichael Eley being of lawful age and duly Sworn on the holy
of almighty god doth depose and say that on the fourteenth day of March in the year eighteen hundred and Seventeen, he the deponant being then
at Fort Osage on the river MissouriMissouri, Certain articles of merchandizes were
delivered to him by a MrRobidouxRobideaux , as the property of Jeremiah ConnorJeremiah Connor
that being than much engaged himself, he requested order dowry to receive
them- that the said articles of merchandizes counciled, in twelve
Barrels of whiskey, two of which did not appear to be more than
half full, two large Barg of Merchandizes he suppose weighing about two hundred
pound each, 1 Box of soap, 1 Box of candles, 1 Box of chocolate
1 Barrel of salt, 2 Barrels of coffee weighing 35lb Cost- 3 Barrels
of sugar 659 gross 4 Kegs of powder - 118th gross - 1 Keg pepper
31 gross- which said articles he the deponent caused to be
stored up in a won in of the fort that in Examining the
Whiskey, with the said RobidouxRobideaux , one of the Barrels (No. 3)appears
to be deficient as he supposed, about twenty four gallons, the said
RobidouxRobideaux acknowledged to him that he had made use of the
Same- that the Barrel of Salt might contain about five barrels and weighed
gross two hundred and seventy pounds weight_ The deponent further
saith that he was at Fort cooper when the goods were opened and re-
collect some of the same being offered for sale