Joseph Robidoux v. Jeremiah Conner
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Question by Defendant - Do You recollect when I arrived at Fort Ssage?

Answer - You arived about the eighteenth day of November of the Year 1816 - I Know that You made a payment of the troops amounting
to Several Thousand dollars - That some hands four in number were sent
down to meet the Boat in which defendants goods were coming with
that they came down a certain distance and were obliged to return
being prevented going by notice from going down any further that
a half indian had been sent down a few days previous to the four
men going down that his home having sum away from him
he was obliged to return. That the Fort was at the time destitute
of goods, the men had money and were made in want of goods and
deponent supposes and believes that the said owner would have sold
the greater part of his said goods to advantage had they reached the fort in due time.

Question by Same - Do You recollect how many days before Christmas I left
fort osage?_

Answer - I suppose between five and ten days.

Question by Same - Did You understand that the payment of the troops
had been [ post poned ] in expectation of the goods and how long_

Answer - I understood that the payment was put off in "apprecia-
=tion of the goods, the time, I do not recollect, but believe from three
to six days_ that the two express above alluded to had been [ seat ]down
to accelerate the arrival of the goods and further saith not

Sworn to & Subscribed the
day of Year & between the
hours first above mentioned before me

J. C. Garner JP

MichaelMichael Ely ElyMichael Ely

Fees Justice - $ 2 Sub - 00.50writingdeposition 75 & oath 31 1/2 $ 1.50 1/2